Our group classes are all for dogs that are adolescent and beyond. You can start your training journey here, or develop you dog’s ability to focus and listen to you in distracting envrionments.

What to expect from class:

  Kind and gentle reward-based training techniques.
  Small class numbers.
  Five and six week courses; each session is 1 hour per week.
  Easy to learn training methods you can apply in day-to-day life.


Foundation training for adolescence and beyond

  • 5-week course.
  • Learn the basics of training.
  • Areas covered include: position training, walking to heel, recall, drop, leave it.
  • Discussion point each week to cover key behavioural areas: behaviour around other dogs and people, address common problems such as chewing/jumping, understanding your dog’s body language.
  • Suitable if you have acquired your dog later than puppyhood or have done little or no formal training.
  • An initial assessment will likely be necessary to assess your dog’s suitability to the class environment.


5-week Foundation Course: £170

Chiswick based

Follow-on Course

  • 6-week course.
  • Lift your dog’s ability to respond to your existing training command in different ways, honing in on and refining your skills.
  • Recall games.
  • Release and stop commands.
  • Focus exercises.
  • Develop patience and control around different distractions and settings.
  • Teach calm behaviours around people and other dogs.


6-week Follow-on Course: £200

Chiswick based

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We have had 1:1 sessions with Emily, both face to face and online, for our young maltipoo Coco since she was only a couple of months old. We are now attending the follow on training classes. Emily's friendly yet highly professional approach, her knowledge and experience, and her suggestions and advice given in sessions and via email have been well tailored to Coco's personality and behaviours, and have been extremely helpful. We've come a long way with Emily's help and will definitely continue to work with her.

James, Yoko and Coco

Duke and I were excited to discover that Emily was running group courses locally.  The weekly classes were small which was great in terms of having space to work on training with older puppies.  We also needed to book a private session with Emily in the park when Duke reached adolescence to help with his recall.  This 1:1 training was reassuring and I felt positive afterwards that with her help we could move forward.  Emily is kind, patient and clear with her instructions, I would highly recommend booking any training classes with her.  Thank you, Emily!