Training needs can arise at any point of a dog’s life; whether you want to add some fun and new ideas into your training, or brush up on some key areas, a unique training plan is the way forward.

Together we can assess your training needs and start a training programme at the right level for you and your dog.


  • Work on areas of your dog’s training in the house such as settling around visitors, dropping things, listening to simple commands.
  • Improve basic position training.
  • Teach your dog to settle in a variety of settings.
  • Teach your dog not to jump at people.
  • Improve recall in the park.
  • Work on walking to heel.
  • Teach your dog to’ leave’ items.
  • Increase your training repertoire with new commands and tricks.


Price: £90

Duration: 1 hour



4 Hour Package: £340*

Duration: 4 x 1 hour sessions
*Includes a £20 discount if you book all 4 hours up-front

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Our lovely lab Rosie responded really well to Emily’s training sessions.  Her expert heel work has done the trick, and walking Rosie on a lead is no longer a tug of war!

Adrian and Rosie

My 1 year old puppy was terrible at recall and would run away after other dogs and children, disappearing into the distance in Richmond Park.  I had one session with Emily and she showed me techniques for keeping him interested in me and engaged with me.  I have worked on these techniques consistently and they are beginning to bear fruit - I can now enjoy our walks rather than leaving the house with a knot in my stomach.  What I liked about Emily is that her advice is logical and suggestions practical and easy to follow.  I was also really impressed by how she was able to read Chewie's body language and explain it to me.  I would highly recommend Emily to anyone needing help with training.

Gila and Chewie