A problem behaviour is linked to how your pet is feeling.  Simple training alone will not change this, but a qualified behaviourist can help you understand the emotions underlying your pet’s behaviour.

I hold the Post Graduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling and am a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors.  I am also a registered Animal Trainer and a registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council.


What to expect from online behaviour consultations:

  Full behavioural analysis discussion.
  Clear demonstration videos.
  Live coaching of key exercises.
  Lower distraction levels; helpful for sensitive animals.


I use only non-aversive, positively reinforcing methods to address the cause not the symptom.

  • Aggression towards people.
  • Aggression towards other animals.
  • Separation problems.
  • Noise fears.
  • General anxiety.
  • Object/resource guarding.
  • Inappropriate toileting.
  • Repetitive behaviours.
  • Reactivity at the vets.
  • Dislike of car travel.

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I use only non-aversive, positively reinforcing methods to address the cause not the symptom.

  • Inappropriate toileting.
  • Indoor spraying.
  • Aggression to people.
  • Intercat aggression.
  • Aggression to other animals.
  • Eating issues.
  • Destruction in the house.

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When working online the behavioural assessment takes place over two sessions rather than all in one go.

  • Part one is a two hour session where we will analyse the behaviour, discuss why it is happening, look at any immediate welfare and training issues and lay out all foundation work.
  • I will then write and forward you a detailed, step by step report, within 48 hours of the session.
  • Part two is approximately 1.5 hours and comes after you have the report; we delve further into the steps laid out in the report, and look at individual goals that need to be set and work through any exercises as appropriate so that I can coach you on what you are doing.
  • Follow on support over email/phone.

Any necessary practical support sessions after this can be arranged as required.


Price: £345

Total Duration: 3.5 hours



Price: £115

Duration: 1 hour

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