A new dog in the house means lots of fun.  It can also be a busy and sometimes overwhelming time.  Personal sessions can get you off on the right track.

If you have a new older puppy or dog he or she will have already had experiences in a previous home, but everything will feel new to you.  Together we can assess your training needs and start a training programme at the right level for you and your dog.

What to expect:

  Only kind and gentle reward-based techniques.
  Easy to learn training methods you can apply in day-to-day life.
  Choose frequency of sessions.
  Ad hoc sessions or a packaged course.


  • Advice on set up/equipment prior to getting your new dog.
  • Settling in advice once your dog has arrived home.
  • Advice on general routine at home to help your dog settle quicker into the new environment.
  • Advice on handling alone time in the early days.
  • Advice on introducing your new dog to existing pets.
  • Prepare the whole family, children included, how to interact with your new dog.


  • An assessment of what your new dog already knows.
  • Pick up on any areas of training at a suitable level.
  • Learn how to teach position training – sit, down, stand and many other positions.
  • Develop your dog’s ability to come when called around varying distractions.
  • Teach your dog to walk to heel.
  • Teach stay, settle, drop, leave it.
  • Learn to understand your dog’s body language.



Price: £120

Duration: 1.5 hours



Price: £100*

Duration: 1.5 hours
*If booked in combination with a 6 week Puppy School course or the 4 Hour One-to-One training package’


Price: £90

Duration: 1 hour



4 Hour Package: £340*

Duration: 4 x 1 hour sessions
*Includes a £20 discount if you book all 4 hours up-front

To enquire about our one-to-one services click below and fill in the simple enquiry form.


Luna, our sun-worshipping rescue dog from Cyprus, was very difficult to train and began to develop severe anxieties.  Emily was recommended to us by our vet and from the first session helped us really understand Luna and spot early signs of anxiety.  She taught us how to help manage those anxieties, and how to begin to get some obedience and simple commands to keep her safe.  After just a couple of sessions Luna’s recall was much improved, and she was able to sit on command, despite at first being very uncomfortable with hand movements.  We highly recommend Emily, she is a very natural and insightful trainer of dogs (and humans!).

Richard and Luna

As first time dog owners we found we were struggling to best support our newly arrived extremely nervous, anxious and reactive Romanian rescue Faith earlier this year.  Faith came to us as a one year old street dog who had never lived in a home before, completely untrained.  Emily came recommended, so I got I touch with her and found that she was really helpful, patient and accommodating straight away.  Emily has helped me understand Faith's body language, to look out for her triggers and to try and keep her fear from reaching the threshold.  We feel more confident now that we have a guided plan to help with both her fearful behaviour as well as working on her basic training together, and we are definitely making progress and seeing an improvement with Faith's issues.  There is not going to be a quick fix for her and we understand this is going to be a long journey, but I really didn't know where to start - and without Emily's advice and support - I think I would be as stressed and anxious as Faith was! Thank you so much, Emily.

Laura and Faith