A problem behaviour is linked to how your pet is feeling.  Simple training alone will not change this, but a qualified behaviourist can help you understand the emotions underlying your pet’s behaviour.

What to expect:

  Only kind and gentle reward-based techniques.
  Address the cause, not the symptom.
  Learn what your dog is telling you by his/her behaviours.
  Costs covered by many pet insurers.

I hold the Post Graduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling and am a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors. I am also a registered Animal Trainer and a registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council.



There are of course many behaviour problems that can crop up but here are some that can commonly occur:

  • Aggression towards people.
  • Aggression towards other animals.
  • Separation problems.
  • Noise fears.
  • General anxiety.
  • Object/resource guarding.
  • Inappropriate toileting.
  • Repetitive behaviours.
  • Reactivity at the vets.
  • Dislike of car travel.


  • Initial discussion to address any immediate welfare concerns.
  • Vet referral – all professional behaviourists work on veterinary referral only to ensure there are no physiological issues underlying the problem.
  • Fill in our behavioural questionnaire which will be analysed prior to consultation.
  • The consultation lasts around 2 to 3 hours and may be a mixture of at home and outside depending on the issue.
  • Learn what is driving your pet’s behaviour and build a personal plan for your pet which addresses the issues.
  • Full written behavioural report provided after the session, outlining the issue and all steps to be covered.
  • Follow on support over email/phone.
  • Follow up practical visits when necessary/requested.


  • Consultation will begin in your own home.
  • Depending on the issue we may have some of the session outdoors.
  • Appointment times made when booking in.


Price: £345

Duration: Up to 3 hours



Price: £115

Duration: 1 hour

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We contacted Emily as we were having lots of problems with one of our boys, Bongo.  He is a sensitive and nervous dog and had developed a very bad reaction to other dogs.  It got to a point where we dreaded taking them for a walk as it was never enjoyable anymore and we didn’t know how to help him.  Emily was extremely patient and caring with us and our concerns.  She helped us understand Bongo better, demonstrated and gave us a comprehensive set of exercises and the changes have been amazing.  Before working with her I had little hope of anything changing for Bongo, but now he is so much happier, less nervous and incredibly less reactive to other dogs.  We are all back to enjoying our walks together.  Thank you so much Emily!  I could not recommend her more!

Fabiana and Bongo

Our little Enzo developed some behavioural problems at the age of 15 months, namely on lead aggression towards some dogs, and some fear of scooters and motorbikes.  We went to Emily as we were struggling to deal with it.  After 3 sessions and repetition of Emily's advice and instructions his behaviour has improved significantly to the point where we are confident in letting him approach other dogs.  This has lifted a huge amount of stress of us, and Enzo seems to be enjoying his walks again without fear.  Hugely grateful for all the help.

Alissa and Enzo