School dogs are becoming popular.  It can be a rewarding experience for all involved if carried out carefully, over time and with professional guidance.  But it is not a task to be undertaken lightly as the physical and emotional needs of the dog need to be at the forefront of planning, along with the safety and education of the children.


Teaching children how to understand, respect and behave around animals is key to promoting safe interaction.  We provide the tools that children need to interact with and develop a well balanced relationship, ensuring that both the child and the animal involved are safe and happy.


We provide a workable plan, with realistic goals that move through the necessary steps when introducing a new school dog.

  • Assessment of the dog’s suitability to be at school.
  • Advice on set up for your school dog.
  • Setting expectations/suitable timetables.
  • Provide initial training and goals that need to be reached.
  • Advice on how to acclimatise your dog to the school environment.
  • Continue with ongoing assessment and training throughout the process.
  • Provide training support to school staff as necessary.
  • Education sessions with children on their school dog (small groups and larger assemblies).
  • See more information on Education Assemblies, Workshops with Children.


An education assembly is a great way of getting a positive message across to lots of children at the same time.  Conversely, a smaller workshop can be a good option to obtain a specific learning goal with a specific group.

  • Learn how to be respectful towards dogs.
  • Learn about a dog’s day to day needs.
  • Learn about basic dog body language.
  • Learn how to approach a dog in a calm, non threatening way.
  • Learn how to interact with a dog.
  • Learn all the dos and don’t around dogs.
  • Learn about the new school dog.

All sessions are individually tailored to be suitable for the age of the children involved.

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As the Headteacher of a Primary School, it was always my dream and vision to have a school dog.  I knew this would take careful consideration and Emily Mazon was just the support I needed to put my plan into action.  She inspired our children during assemblies for all key stages by showing engaging videos and live demonstrations so that the children could have a ‘hands on’ approach to handling our school dog, Winnie.  Her calm, confident manner even had our most frightened pupil volunteering to call our dog and feed her a treat.  Emily’s training was so effective that we were confident enough for the children to introduce Winnie to Prince Harry when he visited the school!  I can not recommend her training and engagement with children highly enough.  Thank you, Emily.

Monica McCarthy
St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, Acton

Emily has provided superb training for our school dog, Kenny.  She has delivered guidance to a number of staff about how to handle Kenny.  She delivers engaging, clear and lively sessions and always follows them up with detailed notes that can be referred to after the training sessions.  Her expectations of Kenny are clear with consistent commands which demonstrate effectively how the dog should behave and respond.  She is a great person to work with having good interpersonal skills and a sense of humour and is highly skilled in training dogs.  I cannot recommend her enough.

Helen Rai
Lady Margaret School, Southall