A new puppy in the house means lots of fun.  It can also be a busy and sometimes overwhelming time.  Personal sessions can get you off on the right track.

Individual training means we can tailor a unique programme to suit you, your puppy, your personal situation and needs.  There is no one-size fits all, so contact us and tell us about your specific requirements.

What to expect:

  Only kind and gentle reward-based techniques.
  Easy to learn training methods you can apply in day-to-day life.
  Choose frequency of sessions.
  Ad hoc sessions or a packaged course.


  • Advice on set up/equipment prior to getting your puppy.
  • Settling in advice once your puppy has arrived home.
  • Advice on crate training, night time and toilet training.
  • Set a good routine to avoid common puppy problems such as chewing/biting.
  • Advice on handling alone time in the early days.
  • Advice on introducing  your new puppy to existing pets.
  • Prepare the whole family, children included, how to interact with your new puppy.


  • Learn how to teach position training – sit, down, stand and many other positions.
  • Devleop your puppy’s ability to come when called around varying distractions.
  • Teach your puppy to walk to heel.
  • Teach stay, settle, drop, leave it.
  • Address common problems such as play biting/jumping/chewing.
  • Learn how to socialise your puppy well to other dogs and people.
  • Learn to understand your puppy’s body language.
  • Teach your puppy to accept human handling (prepare for vets, groomers).


Price: £120

Duration: 1.5 hours



Price: £100*

Duration: 1.5 hours
*If booked in combination with a Group Course or a 4 Hour One-to-One Package’


Price: £90

Duration: 1 hour



4 Hour Package: £340*

Duration: 4 x 1 hour sessions
*Includes a £20 discount if you book all 4 hours up-front

To enquire about our one-to-one services click below and fill in the simple enquiry form.


As a new dog owning family we really needed help when Chilli, our loveable Dalmatian puppy arrived and turned our lives upside down!  A home visit from Emily gave us lots of ideas to structure Chilli’s day, and night - a life (and sanity) saver.  We progressed to her Puppy School training classes in Brentford and she had a lot of fun with the reward-based training method, weekly goals and some socialising.  Chilli had a biting habit that Emily helped to sort out, and we now have a happy, friendly and confident pup who is a great addition to the family.

Cathy and Chilli

I can't recommend Emily and her dog training support highly enough.  I am a first time dog owner and Akira was a 4 months puppy at a time when we decided to go for a package of 1-to-1 lessons.  Akira fell in love with Emily.  Emily's sessions were exactly what a new puppy owner needs!  Her training was based on positive reinforcement.  Akira enjoyed the classes, the results were quick.  A few months later when Akira was 9 months we joined the group classes, pup University, which we also enjoyed.  I would definitely recommend Emily to anyone thinking of joining one her sessions!

Diana and Akira