PETDOM Dog Harness

The PETDOM Dog Harness is a no pull design with double control. Stress is shared by other parts of the harnesss’ body to prevent pulling and choking.  To return to our shop home page click below.

TUG-E-NUFF Pocket Bungee – Sheepskin Ball Tug

Looking for a special motivational toy that you can easily keep under wraps while training? This pocket-sized bungee tug toy is just the ticket. There’s a reason this toy is so popular. Well, actually there are several reasons! First off, it’s compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand or a small bag when … Read More

TUG-E-NUFF Pimple Ball Bungee

A toy that can be thrown, fetched AND tugged? What more could a dog want! The Pimple Ball Bungee Tug teams a robust bungee handle with a non-toxic rubber ball, which bounces well and features raised pimples to add textural interest and extra comfort when your dog is carrying it. The ball measures just 5cm in … Read More

TUG-E-NUFF Faux Fur Pocket Squeaker

This versatile toy has the added benefit of a squeaker, providing that little bit of extra encouragement to dogs who need it. Strong, durable and comfortable to hold, it’s small enough to pop in a pocket, but big enough that your dog can enjoy a good tug on the bite area. Available in a variety of … Read More

TUG-E-NUFF Little Tuggers – Crazy Thing

Small and lightweight enough to pop in your pocket, but still tough enough to stand up to tugging games, this colourful tug toy is a real hit with puppies and smaller breeds. During play, the individual strands of coloured fleece dance around wildly (hence the name!), mimicking the feathers of a bird and getting dogs … Read More

TUG-E-NUFF Faux Fur Whip It

Made from super-durable faux fur, this lunge-whip attachment is great for enticing dogs to chase and play. It attaches quickly to a lunge whip using the integral loop, and its lightweight construction makes it easy to move around to maintain excitement levels. Dogs will have endless fun trying to catch up with it, and when they … Read More

TUG-E-NUFF Sheepskin Tug

Strong, portable and incredibly motivating, the Sheepskin Tug is ideal for all dogs and a must-have for any training kit. It offers second-to-none tugability and a generous bite area made from real British sheepskin, which really gets dogs going and is denser and more hard-wearing than rabbit skin. The overall size of this toy is just right … Read More

TUG-E-NUFF Bungee Food Bag Tug

The Bungee Food Bag is ideal for putting a spring in the step of food-driven dogs. If your dog is motivated by food but needs a little encouragement to play, this innovative tug toy is a great way to get them more interested. Once they figure out that there is food in the bag, you might … Read More

TUG-E-NUFF Crazy Thing Bungee Tug

Dogs will love shaking, tugging, biting and generally going nuts with this exceptionally entertaining tug toy! Offering hours of interactive fun, the Crazy Thing Bungee Tug features a brightly coloured fleece bite area that mimics the feathers of a bird and is extremely motivating to dogs. The bungee handle gives superb durability and excellent grip while reducing … Read More

TUG-E-NUFF Little Tuggers – Sheepskin Bungee Tug

Puppies and smaller breeds with a passion for tugging and real fur will have a blast with this compact tugger. This enticing tug toy features a bite area made from British sheepskin cut to a shorter pile, which is much easier for puppies to get hold of than the fur on our standard tuggers. The … Read More