Puppy University is designed to build on your existing foundation of training, developing your dog’s ability to focus on you in distracting environments.

What to expect from class:

  Kind and gentle reward-based training techniques.
  Small class numbers.
  A full six week course: 6 x 1 hour long session per week.
  Easy to learn training methods you can apply in day-to-day life.


  • ‘Focus on owner’ exercises.
  • Verbal markers.
  • Building up a retrieve.
  • Manners through doorways.
  • Weekly tricks.
  • Develop the ‘leave’ command.
  • Develop loose lead walking.
  • Develop ‘stay’.
  • Distance Cues.


  • Perfect for your young adolescent or older dog with a secure base level of training.
  • Suitable as a follow-on from Puppy School classes or 1-to-1 foundation training.
  • If you haven’t attend any training with us previously we can discuss course suitability with you.



Price: £190*/£200**

Duration: 6 x 1 hour
*Brentford Hall, **Barnes and Chiswick Halls


I attended Puppy University with my collie Morgan and we both thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  The tuition was fun and informative and structured so that achievement was always possible.  Emily was fun and always encouraging.  Morgan learnt quickly as all collies do, but was very easily distracted and very much a live wire during the sessions.  Help and advice was always on hand.  Morgan and I always looked forward to going and when we finished and got home, Morgan was always mentally exhausted giving me the benefit of a relaxed content dog.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a well behaved but fun four-legged member of the family.  It became clear after puppy university that Morgan was frightened of other dogs whilst out walking so we continued to work with Emily on this particular behaviour and after much patience and gradual introductions he can now cope and play with many other dogs whilst out and about.  More than a year on Morgan and I still revisit the tricks and the obedience training that we learnt there.  He loves the mental stimulation almost as much as a long run and he and I have a very special bond from all the work we have done together.

Alison and Morgan

Duke and I were excited to discover that Emily was running a Puppy University course locally after graduating from Puppy School.  The weekly classes were small which was great in terms of having space to work on training with older puppies.  The exercises that have been really useful were auto focus, door control, wait, leave and lead walking.  These have all become a natural part of our day.  Emily always taught a fun trick at the end of each session to go away and practice.  Duke mastered a spin, twist and bow trick by his graduation which we have continued to enjoy doing.  We also needed to book a private session with Emily in the park when Duke reached adolescence to help with his recall.  This 1:1 training was reassuring and I felt positive afterwards that with her help we could move forward.  Emily is kind, patient and clear with her instructions, I would highly recommend booking any training classes with her.  Thank you, Emily!

Rachel and Duke