Areas Covered...

  1. Position training: sit, lie down, stand

  2. Walking on a loose lead

  3. Coming when called

  4. Command training: wait, settle, leave

  5. Greeting people without jumping up

  6. Stopping playbiting

  7. Being handled in a variety of ways, and with different people

  8. Socialising with people and other puppies

  9. Preventing possessiveness to food bowls/chews/toys etc

...Fun for you, your puppy and the whole family.

Puppy Classes...

What to Expect from Class...

  1. Kind and gentle reward-based training techniques

  2. Small class numbers

  3. Six week course - each session 1 hour

  4. Easy to learn training methods you can apply in day to day life

Who Can Attend?

  1. All vaccinated puppies up to 20 weeks old.  Subject to agreement with your vet, puppies can attend after their first vaccination

  2. The whole family - everyone (from 5 years and upwards) can learn the ropes and join in the fun

When and Where?

  1.     Classes are held on a Tuesday evening.  A new course generally starts every 3 weeks.

  2. Classes take place in Brentford, about 3 minutes from Kew Bridge.  They take place in a church hall.

Who Runs the Course?

Emily Mazon is a fully trained tutor with Puppy School.  All Puppy School tutors are well trained, with regular refresher courses to ensure the use of up to date training techniques.  Classes are monitored regularly to ensure a high national standard of class.

Why Attend Puppy School Classes?

Puppy classes are a great start in life for you and your puppy.  After six weeks you and your puppy will have a great foundation of training, along with everything you need to know to about socialising your puppy.  Ludo, pictured here, is on her way home from finishing her Puppy School.  Visit the testimonial page to hear about some real class experiences... (click here)