...tailor your training to your individual needs.

1-to-1 Training...

Contact me with your specific training requirements and I can tailor a programme to meet your individual needs.....

New Puppy - Home Consultation                                                          

The early days with your new puppy, before you get out and about, can be busy and overwhelming.  Book in for a home visit to get your initial queries answered and take your first steps with training.

New Puppy - Private Training Programme

Classes are not ideal for everyone for many reasons.  I can advise you on the important things to cover and we can tailor a private course to your individual requirement.

New Dog - Private Training Programme                                          

If you have a new older puppy or dog he or she might be familiar with some training from past life experiences but everything may feel new to you.  Together we can assess your individual needs and start a training programme at the right level for you and your dog.

Teach Your Old Dog New Tricks                                           

You may have owned your dog for many months or years but feel that bad habits have developed or rules have slipped - before you know it you feel that your dog is no longer responding to you.  One or two private sessions can often be enough to get you back on track.

What do I offer? What do you need?