Having a new puppy is an exciting time.

Training and socialisation classes help you:

  1. -build a close bond with your puppy

  2. -learn the basics of training

  3. -socialise your puppy with people and other puppies

  4. -prevent bad habits from forming

  5. -prevent common behavioural issues from occurring

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Behavioural issues exhibited by your cat or dog can create considerable worry.

A behavioural consultation can help you:

  1. -discover the reason for the behaviour

  2. -understand how the behaviour has developed

  3. -set out a practical programme to change the behaviour.

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Your dog is never too young or old to start training!

Private training allows you to:

  1. -tailor training to your needs

  2. -have flexibility with session times

  3. -set good foundations or improve on existing foundations

  4. -find new fun and direction in your training to stimulate and exercise your dog

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...because your pets are part of your family.

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