What is a Behavioural Problem?

A problem behaviour in your cat or dog is often linked to how your pet is feeling.  Behavioural problems can, for example, be caused by an anxiety, fear or frustration.  Simple training doesn’t change these behaviours and it is necessary to look more thoroughly into the reasons for the behaviour.  Click here to see some of the most common behavioural issues... 

How a Behavioural Consultation Works...

Initial Discussion - We will have an detailed discussion about what has been happening, address any immediate welfare concerns and decide on the next steps.

A Questionnaire - I will send you a questionnaire to fill in and return prior to us meeting.  This helps to draw important information together.

The consultation - This generally lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on the case.  It will take place at your home.  During this session we will explore and discuss what is happening and why and begin to put some initial measures in place to alleviate the problem.

A Full Behavioural Report - Within 7 days, I will send you a detailed report.  This will include full details of diagnosis and give you a comprehensive step-by-step programme to follow.  A copy of the report will also be forwarded to your vet.

Follow On Support - You will have telephone and email support in relation to the programme.  Sometimes a follow up visit to your home is required (depending on the case and your needs).

Methods Used - Only kind and reward based methods are used in my approach.  Addressing the cause and not just the symptoms ensures greater success in changing behaviour.  It is then less likely that other problems will emerge, or that the initial problem resurfaces.

...Rebuild harmony in life with your pet.

Behavioural Problems...

How can behavioural problems be changed?

Changing existing behavioural patterns can seem an overwhelming and impossible task.

The answer lies in exploring the animal’s motivation for displaying the behaviour.  This can be found by applying a clear understanding of the animal’s behavioural needs. This is linked to:

- ancestory as a species

- the effects of domestic living

- individual life circumstances of the animal.

By carefully applying the principles of how animals learn problems can be broken down and changed.

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