A behavioural problem can vary from something that seems quite a small aspect of your pet’s life, to something that overwhelms the whole of life.  Problems can be sudden in onset, or develop gradually over time depending on their origin.

Common Dog Behaviour Problems Include:

  1. Fear of Objects/Noises/People/Other animals

  2. Aggression

  3. Problems when left alone

  4. Household destruction

  5. Barking

  6. Guarding Objects, Stealing

  7. Fear of being in the car/visiting the vet

  8. Inappropriate toiletting

  9. Problems with Children

Common Cat Behaviour Problems Include:

  1. Not using the litter tray/toiletting in the wrong places

  2. Indoor spraying

  3. Aggression

  4. Fear of Objects/Noises/People/Other animals

  5. Fear of the Vet

  6. Scratching and Destruction in the House

  7. Eating Issues

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Behavioural Problems...